Changes - Feb 2017 [ Palo Alto ]

Right now, the dining in downtown PA seems fairly static. There was a change of Taxim -> Crawdad -> Les Bizous , the addition of SushiRitto, maybe Dan Gordon, Lemonade but that was about it in the last 6 months. Maybe a year ago there seemed to be a lot of change.

Today I noticed that we lost one - Sam’s Chowder House. I didn’t love the place. It never felt like a pleasant kind of chowder house. But let’s face it, that spot is cursed. Nothing has been surviving there. We’ll probably get another mini-chain ( which Sam’s was ), like Opa! which seems to be going well enough across the street from Sam’s.

We happened to eat last night at one of the burmese places ( which are near identical ) and had a solid meal. Spicy there is now honestly spicy.