Champagne's 2015 vintage almost "too good"

From the drinks business: Champagne’s 2015 vintage almost too good

The biggest challenge for Ruinart’s chef de cave this year will be making a NV Champagne that’s “not too good”, given the high quality of the 2015 vintage and the need to maintain consistency each year.

At a tasting of Ruinart’s blanc de blancs NV and vintage Champagnes in London yesterday, Frédéric PanaÏotis, chef de cave, reported that while 2015 yields in Champagne had dropped by around 20%, the quality of its harvest had been exceptionally high.

“Don’t expect me to say its a vintage of the century because I never say that, but I have a pretty big smile on my face at the moment”, said PanaÏotis. (Article continues)

Maybe they should make it less palatable to weed out the "Olive Garden Set " from buying any.

It may very well be a great vintage but aside from Hollywood, I don’t think there is a more hyperbole driven industry than the wine industry,

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