Chakoo [Glasgow, Central]

Chakoo has many favorites from the city of Bombay, India. We ordered the following:

Chicken Curry
Seekh Kebab (made with lamb)
Aloo Baingan (Aubergine with potato)
Chicken biryani

The kebabs were absolutely the Real McCoy, the taste I remember from 40 years ago, when I first left Bombay. Everything else was close to the real deal. Aloo Baingain was cooked perfectly with the right amount of spicing. The chicken curry was generic but quite good all the same. The naan was well … naan. :slight_smile:

The best part is the serving sizes are small, so one can try different preps without fretting about wasting food.

A solid option, if you find yourself in Glasgow Central.


I could happily have those Seekh kebabs for breakfast this morning :smiley: