'Cha-Kee' - A cozy, family run Hong Kong style cafe offering good, solid food that warped Yelp reviews did not give it justice!

When I thought I had covered most, if not all, decent Hong Kong Style Cafe in my Richmond Hill neighborhood. A routine drive into the strip plaza on Beaver Creek/Highway #7, where Jim Chai Kee is located, revealed another obscured, potential candidate.

The small, compact and cozy eatery offers a fairly compact and interesting menu to match. A young cheerful and friendly server took our order of the following homey, one plate meals:

  • Baked Luncheon Meat and Macaroni with Cheese and Creamy Tomato Sauce
  • Casserole of Baked Battered Fish Filet with Cheese and White Cream Sauce
    on Egg Fried Rice.
  • Satay Beef Slices and Scrambled Egg on Instant Noodles
  • Fried Chicken Wings with French Fries
  • Complimentary Hot or Cold Beverages.

I am and always have been a fan of baked casserole dishes topped with creamy white sauce and as such, I always keep a watchful eye for good, stand-out ones. Today’s new find must be amongst one of my all time GTA favorites. Unlike some ‘ cut-corner ‘ starchy ones, ‘Cha-Kee’s’ creamy, velvety smooth version was packed full of buttery cream flavor coupled with a slight hint of welcoming ‘coconut‘ aroma and taste.

The deeply flavored, tender Satay beef slices were a perfect match for the noodles, the delicate scrambled egg adding another intriguing dimension.

Those piping hot, crunchy and tasty chicken wings were as good as it gets! Lip smacking good?..Finger licking good? … .etc?? Take your pick?!

For our choice of complimentary beverages. One of us decided to venture outside the box and ordered a weird ‘ Lemon with Ribena sparkling water ‘. A most intriguing combination and apparently a hot version was also being offered?!

All in all, another great casual place with good food and friendly service for my collection of worthy food destinations.