CH waking up or gaslighting?

Just saw this and wondered what sparked it. Maybe someone is listening?

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It would be like talking to a cat . Never going back.


The instigator of the mess seemed to be Georges. He is long gone, invading and destroying new territory. Those left have still been dealing with the fallout. Perhaps this is a fresh start initiative from the newly appointed woman from Food52 (whose name I don’t recall). Revisiting historic posts etc. would be a way to try to rebuild a stronger sense of community.

The only part of the post which gives me pause was the ambiguity about the old posts that won’t be transferred to the new board. Melanie Wong noticed this too and inquired (natch!). That is a stumbling block in my mind. I am not a fan of revisionist history. Own it, deal with it, learn from it and work hard not to repeat it in the future.

I’ve always felt Pat was probably a very nice person who was tasked with some really shit directives. I wouldn’t have stayed and done the job. But I don’t know him, his responsibilities or life situation. At the end of the day, we all have to be able to live with our actions.

I wish them luck. I still feel that ship has sailed and ain’t coming back. It will be interesting to watch how/if this endeavor proceeds.

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Hey! My cats take exception to that! :scream_cat::crying_cat_face::scream_cat:


CH is a thing of the past as far as I’m concerned. I had them delete my account when they made the changes, I knew I wouldn’t use the site again. I haven’t been back.

I’m happy here.

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I suppose many of those older posts must be of technical nature - problems long since addressed and answered. I can understand a cull of those - but then I’m someone who regularly culls my email archive.

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Very true! That will be a big job to whittle through years of reports.

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So if there’s a technical bug, report it directly where other posters can’t see, for any other site related complaints, STFU?

his user name was vipgeorges which still always looks to me like vipergeorges.


I was, for a while, deeply involved with Ch, but only with one forum and never, until at the bitter end, with Site Talk. I have no time for board politics or cat talk. Ch, as with any board on any subject, is only as good as its posters, and few interest me now. Those of us who found kindred interests have merged into other groups, like HO or our own private networks. New communication channels are too little too late.


Just saw this thread today. “Maybe someone’s listening” is about 4 years too late. While I never had them delete my account (not sure if that would have deleted my Top Chef recaps and the monthly WFD threads I used to create), and I can still log in, I decided long ago not to do so except one time this year to respond to a request for archival memories during the 22nd anniversary, or something like that - and it ended up getting deleted anyway by patsully because I pretty much said that vipgeorges was a dickhead for messing with a good thing back in 2015. :::shrug::: Just tellin’ it like it was.

I check it out on very rare occasion, and am glad to see the WFD thread(s) still going relatively strong, just with different names.

But yeah - the old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be. I’m happy here on HO.