CH-like changes at ATK?

Since there’s no HO equivalent, yet (there should be) to CH’s Food Media & news, I’m dropping this link here. If the (relative) newlyweds take a powder, I imagine Bridget Lancaster would have little difficulty taking over as host. If she prefers to remain where she is, Doc Willoughby would be a welcome alternative to Kimball.

I just created the Food Media board and move this post here. Thanks for flagging!

I would like Jack Bishop (love him!), Bridget and Julia as the 3 co hosts in place of Kimball

Doc Willoughby i don’t really know, haven’t seen him much.

but I still want all ‘cook’s’ things (except their marketing) to stay the same but it isn’t to be

looks like I am one of the (few?) people who actually does like Chris on the show

Are you serious? Doc Willoughby? That guy strikes me as a bumbling great uncle. Every time they do a segment with him we groan and fast-forward. I take it you dislike Kimball. I guess to each his own!

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Willoughby used to be on the show regularly, and frequently contributed to CI in its earlier years. He knows his stuff, in terms of food science.

I stopped watching ATK years ago. After I “joined” their website for a year and was flooded with SPAM from them, even after the “membership” expired.

I have gotten to the place where I can’t stand Chris Kimball in any dosage level. The nail in the coffin, for me, was when I discovered that ATK et al were actively engaged in harassing cooking bloggers over ATK recipes, whether or not they were modified and even when they properly acknowledged the original recipe. There isn’t anything REMOTELY attractive about threatening to sic lawyers on bloggers over non-existent copyright violations - especially when a recipe has been changed. Because ATK thinks that their recipes are PERFECT as-is and if you change an ATK recipe you are not only a lousy cook, you are “damaging intellectual property rights”.

Apparently only Chris Kimball knows anything at all about cooking. Or so he thinks. Even ATK can’t seem to get it right, since they come out with a new “perfect” recipe for the same thing every couple of years. They’ve had at least 3 “perfect” burgers, one of which was actually a meatloaf sandwich.

Their pigheaded ignorance regarding blenders and mixers didn’t help any, either. I no longer trust any of their equipment reviews, when they somehow manage to rate a Kitchenaid mixer THAT BROKE AFTER ONLY 2 USES #1, but they don’t bother to figure out how to use an Ankarsrum before they pronounce it the worst mixer on the market. And how a KA blender that is known for tearing its own blade assembly apart ranked higher than a Vitamix is also pretty astounding.

In short, "Oh, ATK, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways … "


Let me know when Chris Kimball is off the show. Maybe I’ll try watching it again at that point.

I haven’t watched the show in years but occasionally catch it on NPR. Please make Kimball go away. I really like the others.

Good news, I was hoping he would be the next “in line” I like him quite a bit!

I can’t tell from the article but does this mean he will be the new host of the shows or will there even be any more shows?

(I know I am in the minority but I will miss Chris)

I know this is from 2015, but I just read it and cannot believe they dissed the Ankarsrum! I love mine! It does a great job mixing and kneading and easier to use with less cleanup after. Plus, my KA Artisan struggles with two loaves to where Ankarsrum easily handles that and then some.