Central + Main - Madison

(Eli Paryzer) #1

We went to Central + Main for the first time Sunday night. Chef/owner Leia Gaccione also owns South + Pine in Morristown, and used to work for Bobby Flay. This is a good neighborhood restaurant if you live within a 20 minute / half hour radius, but it would not be considered a destination restaurant.

We started off with a nice and creamy spaghetti squash with local mushrooms, asparagus pesto, and a poached farm egg. Below is a split portion.
We also had spicy Lamb meatballs with Greek yogurt and cucumbers.
For entrees Mrs. P had the excellent crunchy fried chicken with crispy sweet potato waffles and harissa honey. This was worth the trip alone.

I had the St. Louis ribs with charred shishito cornbread in a miso and honey BBQ glaze.


I attempted to finish the EXCELLENT spaghetti squash/mushroom/asparagus extravaganza an hour ago and failed. It is so good I may reconsider my passion for steak/burgers/veal. It’s a substantial dish, and if you start with the ricotta toast with fresh peas you feel so good about yourself that you may just travel 25 miles to do it again.


(Eli Paryzer) #4

Yes, that spaghetti squash was really good, and a substantial portion. My wife & I split it, and still had some leftover for tonight. The poached farm egg really brought it over the top.