Centrada, Red Bank, NJ

Looks like the location that formerly was Downtown is slated to open this weekend. Centrada.

Any intel? Their website isn’t working for me, but here is their Instagram with pics of the menu:

Uhboy. I wish them well, but any restaurant that is pushing their PR out (or having it pushed) yet still doesn’t have a working website doesn’t wow me much. Their first post on IG was 18 weeks ago, so they’ve made time for that…

APP has a gallery of photos here.

I know there are people who think it’s only about the food, but imo it’s not.


It appears they have spent plenty on PR and branding so weird to me that their website isn’t functioning right now.

Wow I will never be accused of being cheap but they are pushing it if you ask me at those prices.


To me the prices for the salads , ceviches & cocktails seems ok
The prices on the Apps seems very high.
Doesn’t really matter though because I probably won’t get to go for quite awhile.

This is what I’m saying. I can give more of a break to Mom and Pop places, but even M&P can make a BASIC website.

And suddenly, it’s loading. But there’s no info on it, so…

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What do you mean? It say’s its opening April 30th! It’s May 10th, that means go and find out for yourself!!! lol What’s wrong with that approach?

Look I went to a restaurant and received a plate of Romain salad, croutons, dressing, all separated and it was called a “de-constructed” Cesare salad. So maybe this is a “de-constructed” soft opening. We tell you the opening date and that’s it…the rest you have to experience yourself. No questions, no menu’s, no specifics. You will come here you will eat what we give you, you will pay the price we charge you and you will write a favorable review or we will “out” you and never serve you again.

It’s a new edgy concept coming out of Portland.


Just for S&Gs, I looked again. Still nothing. :roll_eyes: But their IG is up and running, which tells ME where their priorities are.

And a reminder–I have friends in the business. Chefs/owners/investors. There are companies you hire to do this stuff–I don’t expect anyone who’s opening a restaurant to be able to handle EVERYTHING.

( I know I did too that’s why I knew it still said: "Opening April 30th!! While not the biggest tech guy, I do agree that shows incredible laziness by management / staff. )

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Website is really on top of stuff.

That being said I will hope this place is great. Could use more spots outside the same 4 types of menus we see around here.

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Based on video on thier IG the place looks fantastic. Based on the video of thier IG the food is not a priority. 2 shots for maybe 5 seconds total of any food at all.


Apparently you have to sign up for Instagram to see their posts et al. I am reminded of how something like this was part of how Stephen Glass was caught in his lies–no company would do something that stupid.

Here’s a test to see if that’s the case… if it is, I think that means their account isn’t 100% public.
Click here for Centrada’s IG page.

Not following them, but can see their posts on their page.

When I click on the menu thumbnail, it won’t show me the full size image.

Could be your device, but in any event the whole menu is not shown in those posts. Just a shot of the wines and another shot of some of the apps.

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Drove by yesterday (Sunday) night around 7/730 and the place seemed busy not fully packed but definitely a solid crowd.

Just leaving this here……new record?


Other than Il Nido yes :+1: