[Cenon, France] La Cape, good valued Michelin meal, in the outskirt of Bordeaux

In the other post, there was a discussion on guidebooks. This is a recap of an excellent meal back in July in La Cape, 1 starred Michelin, in Cenon. It has been long time on my wish list, but Cenon seemed difficult to access by transport years ago. With the new tram network, travelling between Bordeaux and Cenon is easy and the trip took less than 30 minutes from the centre of Bordeaux.

The 29€ 3 courses lunch menu. Some photos of the meal.

There was a lot of carrot in the menu, the ingredients were more on the inexpensive site, but the chefs worked a lot to put the fantasy meal together. Recommended if you happened to be in Bordeaux. Would like to return to try their other dishes.

Amuse bouche

Entry - Mussels with quinoa

Plate (meat choice) - Black cochon with carrots in different forms

Plate (fish choice) - Cod with polenta

Dessert - Citrus pastry and ice cream