Celebrity Favorites- Houston

Seems like I’m often coming across stories about celebrity favorite Houston eateries. By the way, anyone run into Guy Fieri last week? Seems he hit at least 10 restaurants.

Anyway, here’s a spot to drop such lists and actual sightings in the wild.

For starters, JJ is heading back to town for a bit. Here’s his tweet. Bob’s Bagels cracks me up.

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I love Romano’s but there was a fire next door a while back and it’s still closed. A friend of mine is in the restaurant business and he says it is a real PITA to get insurance money even if it wasn’t the fault of the restaurant. They like to drag these things out.

Same with Fung’s Kitchen, they had a minor kitchen fire weeks ago and they are still closed. I need some Peking Duck.

I think I’ve been to Romano’s once. Is it tucked in a corner off West Gray behind a Luby’s (if that’s still there)? I recall it being decent.

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It bit the dust quite a while back.

I didn’t realize Island Grill is a local chain. The men looks interesting, if healthy. At least there’s a Ruben on it.

I think you made a typo.

It should read "The men look interesting, if healthy. "


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It should read “menoo”

This has noting to o about food but I’ve seen many Texas flags flown upside down. This is disturbingly disturbing.

We went to a drive-by birthday parade not long ago and some paraders had the Texas flag on their vehicle flying upside down. :joy: Hope it didn’t disturb the 90 year old honoree, but I suspect they are new Texians. There were a ton of California plates in the grocery store lot today. It’s starting to look like the 80s crash when Michigan emptied out into Texas.

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We played baseball on weekends against a group of ex-pats from the north back then. I must say we kicked their asses every single game. They were good guys and it was fun to compete against them. :baseball: :baseball: :baseball:

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My friend had a girlfriend from Michigan who lived with her brother. I dated a girl from Rochester, NY back then.

Let’s talk Houston duck.

I don’t like duck having had it only once at Vietnam Coast and I didn’t like it.

Having said this about that I’ve gone duck crazy. Yesterday two adult ducks and their 8 kids came cruising through my swanky Spring Branch apartment complex.

Today I was cruising Hempstead looking for trains and chickens when I saw no fewer than 19 ducks and 2 herons in a ditch full of rain water.

The ducks appear to be black-belly whistling ducks. I can’t make this stuff up.

Black-bellied Whistling Duck | Types of Ducks & Geese

A couple of years ago two Muscovy ducks showed up from the lake down the street. They hung out for a week and we fed them and gave them water. One day they mated in front of us and we never saw them again. We named them Billy and Lilly.

Muscovy duck - Wikipedia :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

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Well you haven’t had the Peking duck at Fung’s or Bamboo House obviously.