Celebration Food - Houston World Series Champs 2017

What will you eat or imbibe today? What a ride, been here 45 years and that’s a long time to wait.

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I’m going to celebrate the early season contributions of Nori Aoki and the late season contributions of Yu Darvish and have sushi.

(Is that racist?) Actually it’s just our usual Thursday Sushi Night, but I really do feel kind of bad for both those guys. I know Aoki was upset when he got traded in late July because he knew this team was “that” good. Yu is a better pitcher than he showed in the last two starts against us. In fact, I won’t be surprised if he’s pitching FOR us in next year’s Fall Classic.

It’s another beautiful day in Houston.

As it turns out, I have totally gone Asian for the day. I had salt-and-pepper shrimp at the original (to Houston) PF Changs on Westheimer for lunch. I will be at a pre-arranged dinner dining on curry at the esteemed Vieng Thai tonight. This is all around a good day!

I got to say, that Darvish fellow is quite a gracious gentleman.

Btw, Harris County schools are closed tomorrow for the parade so traffic should be pretty decent until it gets closer to 2 PM.

There used to be quite a bit of conversation about Vieng Thai on the other site, though we have not discussed it here. I went over to CH yesterday to try and find some of the posts, and that site remains unnavigable. Too bad.

I had a good meal with friends last night at Vieng Thai. The papaya salad was popular, a crunchy salad with a touch of heat.

We also had Thai omelette and pad Thai with pork.

Back in the day, there was a Thai restaurant on Telephone Road that was often compared to this one. I haven’t been to that place. The food was good last night and there was this guy singing Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra. Sure wish more people from chow hound would discover this site and join in commenting on the Houston page. It’s pretty dam sad here.

I can remember being so excited when MLB came to Houston in the 60s. I only saw one game at Colt Stadium. My Dad and I thought we were going to need transfusions after the game because of the mosquitos.

I listened religiously to the games when I was in Austin at UT. Can’t remember if I had to pull it in on KPRC or if the Astros even had an affiliate in Austin back then. There weren’t a lot of radio stations in Austin.

Gene Elston - best baseball announcer ever - and Lowell Passe - ‘Now you chunkin’ in there, boy.’ Too bad they’re not around for this.

And the Grand Huckster himself, Roy Hofheinz? He’s lighting up a big stogie and rubbing his hands together, thinking about the next big scheme he’s going to present to Harris County voters. I bet if Roy were around today he’d have some incredible ideas about what to do with the Astrodome. And he’d make 'em work, too.

Yeah, I used to get real excited about baseball. But I gave up on the Astros years ago and this doesn’t do much for me. Well, at least I’m not just a fair-weather fan.

Hope everybody enjoyed their celebratory feasts.

I’ve been to Vieng Thai a couple of times but not in years. At one time, foodies considered it the best in town? Maybe that was after the Thai Nazi at Kanomwan died. I only went to Kanomwan once, after he passed. The family carried on and the place was packed. I have no idea if the food was as good or a lot of the success of the place was due to the character of the owner but people loved that place.

Thai food, alas, just hasn’t caught my fancy. I never think about it.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr