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What are your favorite wine and Champagne Pairings for the festive season coming up ?

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For Champagne we drink Louis Roederer and Bollinger, holiday or not. Domestic (U.S.) sparkling wine tends to be Roederer Estate or Domaine Chandon.


One wonderful 100% Sangiovese from Casa Vyc Vini Tuscani …
One lovely lovely Spanish Sparkling Wine …

Both splendid with appetisers.

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Mar de Frades 100% Albariño is a sparkling wine.
The Rosé is from Julian Chivite and Three Michelin Starred Chef Juan Mari Arzak, and is simply exquisite.
The Prosecco a favorite of our´s with Appetisers …
The other 2 are from the Barcelona designation called Sant Sadurní d´ Anoia, and are Cavas.

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The Maccari Prosecco, I can only find this 120th anniversary version in an online shop, which is different from your bottle.


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Have you done a Google Search for the Winery ?

I have an Italian friend who is a Collaborator with the Winery.

Here is their website and their email:



They have several with black labels.

They may have sold this specific harvest year out … However, their website shows 3 with black labels.

The majority of the Prosecco´s are from 11 Euros to 25 Euros per bottle.

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