Celebrated the Lunar New Year by going to the Chinatown parade, eating a Rice Roll at Yin Ji Chang Fen

I like knowing that I’m not too far from a rice roll, so I was happy to discover this new-ish (since 9/2019) place on Bayard, which I came across while walking the parade route and looking for a different rice roll joint (Yi Ji Shi Mo, if you’re interested, and I eventually found it, and I think I made the right call to eat where I did). Yin Ji is a clean, well-lighted place with a menu of rice rolls, congee and snacks. Most tables were getting a little of everything, but I was alone, so I had a sliced fish rice roll and an order of curry fish balls. Both were excellent, on par with Joe’s (and similarly priced). My only complaints were that the wait for a table was pretty long, and the water was warm.



Thanks for the report - I think I walked by this place in Dec.

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Added to my list for my next visit!