CAVEAT EMPTOR!! Duped by " Lucullus Bakery ".....AGAIN!!

Delicious products can never make up for the damage done by scamming the consumers!!

Previously, I bought a prepared dish ’ Steamed pork spare ribs with preserved black beans ’ only to find almost half of the container was filled with pumpkins!!..the ingredient not stated on the label!

Today, for lunch, I bought a pre-cooked ’ Chicken a-la-king on rice ’ from them. In the past, it was well executed, tasty and good value, packed full of nicely seasoned and caramelized chicken chunks ( at least 6-7 pieces ), smothered in a delightful white cream sauce.

Today’s version, for the same price, I received a carton containing 3 stingy chicken pieces, the rest replaced by…Potato chunks!!..all stealthily camouflaged by the cream sauce!!👎🤬😤

Looks like another ‘blacklist’ candidate!


Too bad!