Cat's Luck (Vegan) Bakery and Cafe, Neptune

Read this even though it says (Vegan)!!! :slight_smile:

This past weekend, the owner of Cat’s Luck, which had been operating out of Sami’s Mediterranean in AP for the last year or so, opened her bakery/cafe in her own space in Neptune, right across Memorial Drive from Bradley Beach.

I can’t say enough that the fact that this is a vegan spot should NOT deter those of you who aren’t vegan (I’m not). Michelle, the chef/owner, is a very good baker; it’s that simple. She’s also passionate about causes that matter to her, and in the midst of a pandemic, found a spot to make her dream a reality. A friend who is vegan originally told me about her, I tried some cookies and found them to be excellent, and I’ve been a fan and customer ever since. I find her prices reasonable, and with few exceptions, have loved everything I’ve tried. I think my only mild disappointment was a muffin that happened to be gluten-free, and I found it a bit dense. That said, it still had great flavor!

This weekend I had friends in and out, so I loaded up on PB cookies, a few muffins, cran/almond biscotti, and a maple coffee crumb cake square. To say the box was decimated is an understatement (although I did manage to get a few things in the freezer).

If you’re game to support a young entrepreneur, I hope you’ll check out her new spot…starting this week, she’ll have her cafe menu up and running in addition to the baked goods.


This made my day; thanks for the recommendation!

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