[Catonsville] Dim Sum Palace Catonsville MD

A group of us visited on a Sunday morning. We arrived at 10.30 and waited in line until they started seating at 10.45. The line filled the entire restaurant with a goodly portion of the line having to wait for the second turn.

They have a menu plus carts. The carts started a little confused under the onslaught of people lining up, but they managed to keep going continuously. We loved the seafood shiu mai, fish congee, half duck, shrimp truffle dumplings, shrimp dumplings, taro root dumpling,s and soy sauce noodles. We ordered the last chicken wing with spicy salt from one of the first carts and asked for more. Just as we were finishing up, they brought an order of wings saying they were just out of the kitchen. We actually took 2 orders and they were heavenly. am sure we ate 50% more.

I made a mistake in ordering the soy sauce noodle, wanting to have the XO Sauce hand made rice noodles and got the Soy Sauce noodles instead. Seems like a mistake anyone could make! :crazy_face:

The feast was $37 per person including tax and tip. The space is hugely noisy which made our group of 10 evolve into ever-changing clusters of conversation. It is modern, clean with art touches. The staff was very pleasant once the crush at the door was sorted.

This is perhaps the best dim sum I have had in years. Better than the best of DC and Rockville and all three dim sum places I tried in Flushing. And it had good stuff from the start.

We will be repeating this again in a few weeks. October 29 or November 5 at 10.45am sharp.


While I enjoyed the meal (and the company) greatly, I disagree that this place is better than all others in the DC/Rockville area.

I think it’s probably on par with China Garden HG in Rockville (which I think is currently the best dim sum in the DC area), some things better and some things not, but a relatively equivalent experience.

I would definitely return - we are available on 11/5 but not 10/29.

When China Garden is on, i agree it is top notch. But my last two meals there were expensive and not so good. I think the breadth at dum sum palace is exceptional. But even then, it leaves dim sum palace in a tie as best.

Sounds like a good time. I’m back in the mid Atlantic and would love to get in on the next visit

Will post here.

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November 5 at 10.45. We will get a table/tables for whoever is there at 10.45. Last time, we were able to squeeze in a latecomer. I will post a separate thread for RSVPs

Son’s birthday that day so I’m committed to making ribeye, grilled asparagus, potatoes TBD, and birthday cake

I pass by Dim Sum Palace about 4 times a day. I think we ordered too many times when they first opened, and even though we didn’t eat any Cantonese food in China during our trip this summer, we haven’t had a craving to return yet. (Also, we only eat seafood and vegetarian due to halal diet, so our options are limited.) It would be fun to meet some of the local folks and see what everyone thinks of the food, though.