Catfish Station on Kirby in Houston

It’s in the former Frenchy’s in the Fiesta parking lot. The Wifeacita works not far away and surprised with a five piece box with one side and she chose beans and rice.

It was all excellent even though the fish was cool by the time she got home. It comes with a spicy remoulade and she got an extra cheese grits.

The beans and rice are a couple of notches below Frenchy’s but are light years better than Popeye’s.

Winner winner catfish dinner.

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Good to know Sr. and Sra. Ostiones approve. From that far away to the part of town you live in and still ‘excellent.’ I’m impressed - woudn’t have dared to hope for that result.

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I’m all about the catfish these days.


I’d eat that!

No brucesw, the Wifeacta brought it home as she works nearby. We will drive for good food but my disdain of freeways means a drive down Fountain View past the Fountain View fish market and they have oysters. You know my feelings about that.

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Lambsy, this photo feels familiar. Is it Captain Benny’s?

Next time you’re in Galveston check out the whole catfish at Benno’s. There are three things I order there, blackened oysters, Cajun fried crabs, and or the whole catfish.

Avoid the fried shrimp and boiled crawfish when they are in season.


I was on dozens of softball teams but on one the core group would go to Angelo’s on South Main and destroy the all you can eat oysters.

The name of the team?

The Oysters.

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The oysters? Are you serious? jcostiones

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That’s Oysters with a capital O. You, of all people should know better.

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It’s Mandola’s Kitchen and it’s terrific, clean, white and flaky with no bottom feeder taste of mud.

The last softball team I was on was called The Atmosfericos. The Oysters is better.

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