Catering UWS Manhattan

Hi all, A friend’s nephew had a serious health emergency over the weekend, and the family is staying on West 96th Street while the kid (26 y.o.) is undergoing more surgery in the hopes of fixing the issues. Survival now seems likely, thankfully, but the anxiety is still high.

I would like to provide them with dinners when they get back from the hospital through this week from different, healthy-ish spots. So far, I am thinking of getting them food from Dagon and Daily Provisions. I’d like to also get them something one night from something like West Indian, curry chicken roti and salads, for example, but don’t know where. I think mostly chicken, fish, veggies, no red meat or pork will be good for this crowd.

Thinking this board might have suggestions for where I can either have meals delivered from, or that I could go pick up? Thinking of things that could be served sort of family style, and also maybe reheated for middle of the night snacks. These are tough times for this family. I’m thinking @DaveCook, you might have some suggestions I wouldn’t think of in a million years.


For roti, @ninkat, you have any number of local Indian restaurants to choose from, but you might also consider the takeout counter Roti Roll Bombay Frankie, at Amsterdam and 110.

For excellent West Indian (but no roti, AFAIK), try Freda’s Caribbean & Soul Cuisine, Columbus and 109.

It also occurs to me that you could order chicken, shrimp, and vegetables from Freda’s and a separate order of roti (or the like) from Manhattan Valley Cuisine of India, Broadway and 100. The roti will be best when fresh, but the rice that accompanies the Freda’s entrees will be excellent when reheated, especially if leftover brown stew chicken has begun to soak in.

Excellent! I knew you were the guy!!! Thanks a million!

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