Catering Quandary, Somerville

Wondering if you Onions can give me some help. We’re planning a last-minute-milestone birthday for my darling DC in two weeks. So far, we’ve rented some table space at Aeronaut for 2pm on a Saturday, and assembled a guest list of likely about 50 people. The birthday honoree has indicated he’d like sushi and maybe a smattering of dumplings. Genki Ya has some pretty nice looking platters, so I think we can work with that for sushi. For the dumpling side of things, Dumpling House in Harvard Square has been our favorite lately, but I’m not sure how to start a catering discussion with them, or whether anyone can recommend a different source for dumplings, potstickers, maybe a few steam buns… think items that can be eaten by hand, will travel well (probably skip the soup dumplings) and a kitchen that is reasonable to work with and can advise me on how much food I need. Thoughts?

C’mon guys, help me out! So, Dumpling House says to just order off their regular menu- what, 40 orders of dumplings, 15 scallion pancakes? Qingdao says call another day (maybe). Wang’s isn’t answering. Someone must have catered a party with Asian food of some sort who can weigh in… this should be possible, right?

You don’t mention budget but if you are looking for outstanding quality I’d suggest


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Oh, awesome! Or should I say “double awesome”? Will check into it. Thanks!