Catering, EV?

A friend of mine wants to throw a b’day party at Otto’s Shrunken Head (14th and B) in April. Anyone used a local caterer they would recommend? I have no info re budget or party size or anything (he’s not thrifty, and he has a lot of friends) - just trying to give him some ideas.


That’s a good idea. Have you used them?

I would suggest Milu. Not your average Chinese food. Co-founder Chef Connie Chung used to work at EMP. We’ve done take-out from them a few times and really like the food. Their website says they cater throughout Manhattan.

Thanks! I was kinda hoping King’s County Imperial (which is close to the venue) would work, but they don’t seem to cater.

We rarely have Chinese food because I don’t care for it. But as I said, Milu’s food is so different and delicious that I’m happy to eat it. The restaurant is a very convenient two blocks from our apartment. Nice as an option on the few occasions we’re in the city when it’s too cold to eat outdoors. If Milu was near our house, it would definitely be on our regular rotation.

My firm has, both in NYC and LA.

I wasn’t involved in the setup or coordination, but the food was fine. Professionally presented and generally solid and most importantly, not offensive.

I would describe them as professionally competent.

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Great, thanks! I’ll pass this info along to the birthday boy.

I’m a little wary of a Chinese food recommendation from someone who doesn’t like Chinese food! But thanks, I’ll pass this along.

I love Chinese food. So does the host. And he lives in SF, so his standards are pretty high in that department.

Momofuku says it does “full service offsite catering.” I threw a party at one of their restaurants and found them great to work with and the food (and wine) was fantastic. Different kind of party, but they are pretty creative.

Oh, interesting! I will pass that along! It’s a zero b’day, so he’s probably willing to splurge. He’s flying 3K miles, for starters.

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