Caterer near Bailey Island, Maine?

We’re having a wedding with 40 guests next summer.

Portland area caterers will take it on but their travel costs are understandably high. We’d love to find someone on or near the island to minimize that.

We’re not interested in fish or seafood as most of the guests don’t care for them. I know, in Maine! :slight_smile:

Do you know of a good caterer that might fit the bill? Thank you for any advice or referrals you can give!

P.S. So glad to find this site!

Thank you, mabmaq! We’ll check it out. I just hope we don’t run into the same transportation cost issue.

you can always contact the Schoolhouse Cafe right in Harpswell to see if 40 people is too many for them to prepare the food for. They are awesome for brunch or lunch …

Thank you! It seems the area is more remote than I realized. So glad to have your recommendation. I’ll pass it on to the bride (my daughter).