Caterer - Monmouth [NJ]

Any caterer recommenations for a smallish (25-30 people) gathering in my Freehold home. It’s an Appetizer and Wine party, so mostly looking for someone to prepare a variety of finger foods. Thanks!

Falco Brothers is a very reputable caterer in the area.

My buddy Eddie Goldberg over at One 18 Bistro does catering, if you call him mention my name. (in box me if you don’t remember my name. lol)

My other buddy Ron Marino from Christines does catering too, again drop my name.


Friends are using the Food Architects for a party in 10 days…they’re based in Piscataway but the party’s in Monmouth Cty. These friends are really particular about entertaining, so I’m confident it’ll be tasty. If you can wait, I’ll report back after the event!

Checked out their website … they definitely can do what I need. My party is a quickly put together affair that is 20 days away. Will probably need to commit in next couple of days. Will keep them in the mix. Thx!!

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