Catbird Asbury Park

… or it could easily be called “Medusa rising as Catbird”. Aimée McElroy, half of the old Medusa Stone Fired Kitchen team is back, Aimée has completely renovated the old Sunset Landing coffee shop into a very lovely new venue. She added a deck in the back overlooking Deal Lake. Catbird is larger than Medusa was and there is much more staff moving about. We were greeted by the door and told of their ordering procedure - you order at the front desk upon entry, given a table tag/flag and shown to your table. Your table is set, water delivered and glasses for our BYO beverage.

The food followed shortly - happily it’s the same wood-fired oven that had cured and mellowed at Medusa, and Aimée’s pizza is as special and delicious as ever. We dined on the deck, and it was spacious and uncrowded. The service was brisk and on point.

We arrived about 7:30pm on a Wednesday evening and got the last table on the deck. It appeared that we had hit them at a peak - things tapered off as we ate. It’s all street parking in a residential area, which can be mildly challenging.

If you were a Medusa fan, you need to try Catbird. And if you enjoy special food and unique pizza, you, too, need to give it a try. Not cheap, but you do get everything you pay for - the water views are just a bonus.


SHHHHH! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I want them around, happy and prosperous, long after Summer is over. Aimée richly deserves the success.

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I was there 3-4 weeks when they had soft opening. Its a welcome addition to area. Hoping for there success.