Cataract surgery - cooking

Welp, I’m having mine in a few days, and I’m seeing (hah!) online that several doctors say you shouldn’t cook for a few days: “have your loved ones cook for you.” :eyes:. (not gonna happen)

Anyone want to offer any personal experiences? If I need to stock up on microwaveables beforehand, no prob. I just need time.

We’re never without meals to eat in our house - from the freezer, or the pantry or just leftover stuff from the refrigerator. I’ve had cataracts removed from both eyes and besides needing a ride home from the procedure I don’t recall being impaired in any way. I hope you aren’t having anxiety about this, but be prepared - bank some easy reheatable comfort food and some chocolate. Let us know how things turn out. Hugs from Cape Cod, Meekah!


:heart:. Chocolate on hand already!


I had both done (separated by time…) - two different surgeons - there was never any mention about cooking . . . or any other “restrictions”
drops routine before and post surgery - that was it.

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Yes… I had “early” cataracts and have now had both eyes done.

As far as cooking, I made up a bunch of single serving (microwaveable) meals – dishes I liked and dishes Sunshine liked. I put them in quart freezer bags. I labeled and organized everything, prior to surgery. Make single portions of your favorites. For me, anything with chorizo in it… Mac & Cheese with chorizo, rice with chorizo, mashed potatoes with chorizo… you get the picture. It was my time to treat myself to what I liked.

I would also suggest paper plates, styrofoam cups, and plastic silverware. I did NOT want to do any dishes, whatsoever (post surgery). We even drank instant coffee, so I didn’t have to deal with the coffee pot/maker.

I think the hardest thing was no bending over… keep your head straight looking forward and bend down to one knee if you have to pick something up off the floor.

My doctor had we wear a plastic eye guard for sleeping. He didn’t want me touching the eye in my sleep. The medical tape didn’t seem to stick and I ended up using strips of duct tape to hold it on… Not a pretty picture but it worked.

Personally, I had a really great doctor and he had hand picked very nice and caring staff.


First, I’d ask my own surgeon’s office.
That said, I had both eyes done separately last year. I (and husband) don’t remember any daytime restrictions except leaning over as Dan wrote. I don’t remember any special foods or prep.

FWIW, I went into this surgery in almost panic and it was truly a piece of cake!


Both eyes done 5 yesrs ago…i had no restrictions. You’re wearing a guard for the first few days…get a pair of clear safety goggles and feed yourself


My next-door neighbor had two rounds of cataract surgery (each eye, separately) and I made sure she was stocked with food for the recovery days. Basically any simple stuff she liked with no prep. And shoes she could step into without bending over. Recovery was uneventful, thankfully.

Wishing you the same, @Meekah!

ETA: I see you have chocolate on hand. One must have treats at the ready, right?


Every human will be happy if they had a neighbour like you. :pray: Much respect.


Sending good thoughts your way! Both my husband and my mother had both eyes done. Went very smoothly and no problems. I don’t remember any restrictions besides bending over for either of them, but they both took it easy for a few days.


Totally forgot the SAFETY GLASSES! An absolute MUST IMHO! Wear them and have no qualms about restricting activities. Husband gave me a (new) pair from his shop that were so comfortable and effective that I recommended them to my surgeon.


Restrictions seem to vary by region. In India there is indeed the advice for not being near a cooking heat source (ie the gas range) for a month (causing my mom great angst for no reason, lol.)

Follow your doctor’s advice, but as with any recovery, having a few meals ready to go in the fridge and the freezer can only be helpful when you’re not 100%.


I’ve got several pairs of safety glasses! Covid stash …

Stove is induction; I was wondering if the peril was the heat source or the activity!

Goggles I have !

Not bending over is going to make it difficult to capture and medicate my cat, but I’m sneaky. I’ll figure out something …


Thank you. Here at Casa Meekah, we are usually well stocked with treats - human and feline. Especially feline.


Cake … a piece of cake in the fridge might be a good treat, too!

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I’m familiar with bending prohibitions -I had emergency open heart surgery several years ago and when you get sawed in half like a chicken there are a lot of things you aren’t allowed to do - some for quite a while. I guess I’m asking because, unlike the heart surgeon’s team, the eye people are totally tight-lipped. Go figure. Different hospitals.


Good luck with surgery.

Speedy recovery.