Catalina Coffee - Houston

Have we already talked about this place? I know I told someone, so if I’m repeating myself just put it down to old age and an unwillingness to do a simple search.

A “friend of a friend” is a big shot in the Houston Ballet and the story goes that Catalina was started by some former members of the ballet. I don’t know if they were dancers or stagehands or what, but that’s the story and how I came to even know about it.

I know it’s made some local “Best Of…” lists and very rightly so. Now, I’m not a particularly well-traveled man. But I have been to Seattle and San Francisco and New York and Holland. I’ve had some excellent coffee in the last forty years. But Catalina is a whole ‘nuther deal. It’s just incredible.

“My drink” is a breve latte, which is a latte made with half and half instead of whole milk. (Pronounced: “brev-AY la-TAY”.) I was in a Starbuck’s once a long long time ago and when I ordered my-then-usual latte, the barista asked if I wanted “Low Fat” milk. I laughed and said “No, I want double fat milk”. He laughed and said, “Oh, you want a breve latte”, and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything in a coffee shop since.


It’s incredibly rich and delicious even at Starbucks, but Catalina elevates it to a divine sacrament.


The only other place that comes close is Caffé Medici in Austin and even that is best experienced at the original location in the Clarksville area on West Lynn.

Go to Catalina and request a breve latte. You might not like it. But if you don’t, you don’t ever have to order it there or anywhere else ever again, because if you don’t care for it at Catalina then trust me, “It’s just not your thing”.

To sum up: Catalina Coffee, Breve Latte - The Best Cup of Coffee I’ve Ever Had.


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No, you haven’t mentioned it here. But I am sure it has been mentioned ‘elsewhere’ a few times and you are forgiven.

Now, about that forgetfulness - doh! This used to be my drink and I had forgotten all about it. When my place of employment was in Montrose there was a great coffee shop on Alabama that I stopped at on the way in to get one. I think they called it a Cafe Breve. It was recommended to me by a barista my very first visit when I hesitated deciding what to order. When pressed for what I liked I said at home I just made coffee with half and half and voila.

Great drink. Whey my job moved out to Greenway Plaza I never got by that place and I know it’s gone now - can’t even remember the name.

Seldom go to coffee shops anymore but will have to try this at Fioza in Meyerland, a pretty good independent shop near me.

And will try to get up to Catalina sometime to partake of the divine sacrament. That place does get lots of raves and I’ve never been.

Thanks for the rec.

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