[Castro, SF] Me and Tasty, northern Thai

Me and Tasty occupies an awkward two-level space beside the gas station on the northern edge of Castro Plaza, where 17th Street does not quite meet Castro Street, and the F Market streetcar terminates. Early Yelp reviews focussed on the quirky brunch offerings, and I didn’t quite realize that the kitchen offered some seriously northern Thai options. The Castro is not at all a food destination, but this place is worth knowing about if you find yourself nearby.

Circumstance meant I didn’t go for the laab or sai ou as I might have; instead on my first visit I had the Hung Lay (surely a sop to the neighbourhood), which was quite comforting, and a generous portion.

Returning with my partner, she had the Pad Thai (too sweet for my tastes, as is nearly always true, alas), and I had the Kao Soi. Note the presentations!

On a subsequent visit, she tried the duck taco, which she liked, though it was not really manageable as a taco, being too piled high with ingredients, and I had the drunken noodles (pad kee mao), which I quite enjoyed.

The awkward space means that servers are constantly running up the stairs to deliver dishes or just check on patrons, and one can walk in and see no one to help on the lower level for quite a while. But there is clearly good will among all involved, some creativity on the part of whoever is designing menus which translates well to the kitchen, and given the generally dismal options in the vicinity, this place definitely raises the local average.

This is, alas, likely to be my last informational post in this regional forum. I was eating at Me and Tasty because I was packing our kitchen into boxes. My partner has moved to Brooklyn, and I will be trying to perk up the NYC forum with what I discover there. I’ll be back to the Bay Area occasionally for visits. Many thanks to all of you who provided valuable intelligence or just a sense of the zeitgeist in these strange times.


I’ll miss your posts, but look forward to taking advantage of your tips next time I’m out east! Best of luck!

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@plragde Best of luck with the move! Brooklyn and New York aren’t shabby places to eat at all…

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May the move be stress-free and may you enjoy exploring new restaurants when you get settled in!