Cassoulet near Westchester/CT

I was going through some recipes since it’s finally feeling fall-like and I came across a recipe for cassoulet I’ve had in my to-try pile for a while. I’ve always wanted to try making it but the list of ingredients is so lengthy I just haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway it sounds really appealing about now as the nights get colder so I’m wondering if anyone has seen it on a menu anywhere in the area. I’ve seen it in the city but would like something closer.

Thanks for any leads!

I did’t see It on the menu, but you might check with D’Gabby restaurant in Eastchester. They are French, in the oldJackie’s Bistro location. We’ve had a couple of meals there, which we’ve liked, and they do have specials beyond the fixed menu. They MIGHT be planning such a dish in cool weather.

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I remembered reading this, it’s Lohud so keep this in mind

If the link doesn’t work, paste it into your URL
or just google Nyack cassoulet, also the article is a few years old

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Oh, Alain’s in Rockland is on the list-- another reason for me to get there!

Alas, they used to,have it at Buffet de la Gare! I kiss that place. I’ve never been but Encore Bistro Francais in Larchmont has it on the menu. No idea how the place is.

They have it on the menu at Luc’s in Ridgefield, CT. FWIW - DH loves the food there. I am not so sure.


The one at Appetit Bistro in Port Chester is very good. I’d call ahead to make sure it’s on menu. Can’t remember if it was a special or not.

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