Cassoulet near Westchester/CT


I was going through some recipes since it’s finally feeling fall-like and I came across a recipe for cassoulet I’ve had in my to-try pile for a while. I’ve always wanted to try making it but the list of ingredients is so lengthy I just haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway it sounds really appealing about now as the nights get colder so I’m wondering if anyone has seen it on a menu anywhere in the area. I’ve seen it in the city but would like something closer.

Thanks for any leads!


I did’t see It on the menu, but you might check with D’Gabby restaurant in Eastchester. They are French, in the oldJackie’s Bistro location. We’ve had a couple of meals there, which we’ve liked, and they do have specials beyond the fixed menu. They MIGHT be planning such a dish in cool weather.


I remembered reading this, it’s Lohud so keep this in mind

If the link doesn’t work, paste it into your URL
or just google Nyack cassoulet, also the article is a few years old


Oh, Alain’s in Rockland is on the list-- another reason for me to get there!

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Alas, they used to,have it at Buffet de la Gare! I kiss that place. I’ve never been but Encore Bistro Francais in Larchmont has it on the menu. No idea how the place is.

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They have it on the menu at Luc’s in Ridgefield, CT. FWIW - DH loves the food there. I am not so sure.




The one at Appetit Bistro in Port Chester is very good. I’d call ahead to make sure it’s on menu. Can’t remember if it was a special or not.