Cary, NC - Restaurant Depot!

I noticed we have a Restaurant Depot* now! It’s just S. of I-40, visible from Aviation Blvd.

I’ve read about them and been intrigued. Has anyone had an opportunity to go there?

*Membership store , proof of resell ability required.

Yes, we’ve been because we know two parties who have the proper credentials. Whatever the weather, bring a jacket when you go. The walk-in meat cooler is a full building and it’s tough to stay inside for more than a few minutes if you’re not bundled up. The selection of dry goods is not large by BJ’s/Costco/Sam’s Club standards and it targeted very specifically to foodservice needs. That means package size, too. Commercial quantities, not merely club sizes.
We haven’t bought meat or frozen items because the sizes are just to large and we probably would need to find someone to split with. You can access their fliers on line to check out the prices.

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