Carribean Spice Roti Shop/Marsha's and Harry's taste of the Carribean

Ask any Trinidadian what they miss the most after leaving the Island and I venture the vast majority of them will say …A good roti and doubles.

Iconic street foods in Trinidad and Guyana. Roti is a large “crepe” for the lack of a better word with a highly spiced toasted yellow split pea filling packed with Marsala seasoned mashed potatoes and a curried protein that ranges from Chicken to Conch with a dash of hot Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce, handily wrapped like a burrito for travel and dining on the move.

Doubles are 2 deep fried “Barra”{ chick pea flour,cumin spiced “pancakes”} filled with curried chick peas,onions,garlic with a sweet/spicy Tamarind salsa and hot peppers.

The 2 places I found that serves the real thing is Caribbean Spice in Scotch Plains and Marsha’s and Harry’s in Jersey city. Both basically holes in the wall but both serving the real thing. have a Solo Apple J to wash it down for a true TT dining experience.

Some of you will remember this DD&D episode.


A taste of my youth…

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I’m not well versed in Trinidadian food per se but it’s my perception that it’s the most heavily Indian influenced of all the Caribbean foods, which is totally up my alley. I’ve never had a roti I didn’t love. Looked up some pictures of Caribbean Spice and the place looks awesome! Can’t wait to try this place.

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