Carluccio's collapses

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How sad. It was already struggling in recent years.

I think the virus is just the final nail in the coffin (if that isnt a phrase in too bad taste at the minute)


Worldwide Depression to follow…

All in this together. Right? The good and the bad. It will be interesting to see the new landscape when all of this ends, as it surely must. :sweat_smile: John, was your cruise cancelled?

The tour operator is working through customers in date order, so we havent had a discussion yet (we werent planned to go till end of May). But Canada isnt allowing crusie ships to dock and the US isnt allowing British travellers - which effectively completely buggers up my 70th birthday present to myself. Hopefully, we wont have a problem getting a refund although I suspect we will

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It would be shocking if the cruises weren’t falling in line with what are unforeseen and unpreventable problems. Have faith, John. Keep us posted. And so good to hear that you are both well.

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The BBC reports that Carluccio’s has been bought by Boparan Restaurant Group (which owns Giraffe and Ed’s Easy Diner). Thirty outlets will continue to operate but forty will close, with the loss of over 1000 jobs.

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