Caribbean /west Indian food in nj (ox tails, etc)

The other day I saw a cab with a caribbean food decal on the back window in long branch. I forget the name but it was very generic and it had the word caribbean in it. Does anyone know what spot this is? I don’t think it was Norahs. I’m almost sure it wasn’t her spot.

Anyway, does anyone have any favorite spots?

@joonjoon turned me onto Norahs a while back and I’m a big fan.

My friend says there are 2 spots in the oranges with good trini food.

@VikingKaj any intel?

Islander in Asbury is good for getting some tail:

Islander Caribbean Restaurant
100 Memorial Dr, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
(732) 988-3637

Little hole in the wall place that does a lot of take out, they have a couple of stools but that’s it.

I think a small plate of tail is like $ 10 and a big one is $ 13.

They also have acceptable island style curries if you are into that, I can highly recommend the curried goat, which is delishus.

I’m not aware of any place that specifically has the word Caribbean in its name in Long Branch. Viking mentioned a couple places below, there’s also Mark’s Place in Asbury and Blue Marlin in Bradley.

There’s a restaurant in Asbury that is completely unknown to the world (no Yelp page even) that has been there well over a decade. I think it’s literally called “Caribbean Restaurant.” But I’m pretty sure the people who run it are Peruvian. They have that green sauce aji.

I can pretty confidently say that the best oxtails in our area are at the Cuban place in Asbury and Jameson’s (Soul food, not Caribbean) in Neptune. The only place I’m aware that has oxtail that I haven’t tried is At the table because they’ve always been out.

Otherwise I’m reasonably certain that no local Caribbean place is better than any other in any significant way. Personal preference and luck of the day will be the biggest factors.

The following are the places I am aware of that are Caribbean/West Indian between Asbury and Long Branch:

The Islander II
Mark’s Place
Cuban Cafe
Caribbean Restaurant
Blue Marlin

There are also 2 Haitian places. One on Asbury Ave, and the other on Memorial. The place on Memorial is always deserted and really unapproachable. They don’t even have a menu. You walk in and whoever is “working” just looks at you like some kind of weirdo. LOL. I’ve gotten a few things from there but nothing made me really want to return. I think Haitian food in our area is just not very exciting from my limited exposure. They seem to just fry everything until it’s a rock. (I don’t know anything about Haitian food outside what I’ve had here)

The other place on Asbury has an incredibly inexpensive buffet but nothing there will really wow you.

In Long Branch I think the only Carib option is Norah’s.

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I would agree with this assessment.

The carribean places I have been to around here are all pretty similar.

Nice post Joon…great info. If you haven’t tried it, Norah’s whole red snapper is a solid dish. I have her top if off with oxtail sauce and I’m a big fan. I think she only serves them on Friday -Sunday.

Where is the spot with the good scotch pepper jerk chicken?

There’s a place on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick that has ox tails. Can’t remember the name but I’m sure you can find it via Google.

Hey JJ have you ever tried the oxtails at At the Table in Asbury?

I’ve eaten there a couple times, but don’t remember the oxtails.

Otherwise it’s pretty good for soul food if you are into that.

At the Table
311 Bond St, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
(732) 455-5093

They do have a Sunday buffet too.