Carbonero Rotisserie and Teysha Vineyard - Huntsville, Texas

Took a 4th drive up to Huntsville to check out ole Sam Houston’s final resting place (in a cemetery smack in the middle of a housing development!) and a new vineyard there, Teysha Vineyard. The vineyard was a fun stop and we tasted a number of their wines and bought a bottle of the bourbon barrel aged red. The owner Mr. Zimmerman chatted with us a while and we were surprised that he’s not a wine drinker :joy:. Harvest is this weekend if they aren’t being deluged by a tropical system.

My penchant for South American food is known here, I think. For lunch we headed to Carbonero Rotisserie located at the end of a somewhat shabby shopping strip, anchored at the other end by a good Tex-Mex place I have described here before, Los Pericos. The specialty at Carbonero is their chicken, though the usual meats are on the menu. The chicken was tender and juicy and comes with a range of sides to choose from. They offer some cool looking bar drinks, but we did not try them this trip. I would definitely return to this eatery.

Keep your eye on the sky and report your food adventures!


“Hey General Sam, thanks for TEXAS!”


About South American food, and your fondness thereof, what are your local favorites? Pretty close to you, I can think of Lemon Tree (Peruvian - I’ve been twice and didn’t love it, but know some Peruvians who do), La Guitarra con Sazon, (Peruvian - been once and thought it was good), Columbia Cuisine, (Columbian obviously! - I’ve never been but I think it’s been there a long time which I usually take as a good sign), Paisas Twin, (Columbian - I’ve never been), Mi Pueblita, (Columbian - Been a few times and liked it really well; very friendly despite usually being the only gringo in the place), and Emporio Brazilian Grill, (been twice and liked it fine, great coffee).

Of course there are also numerous Cuban and churrasco joints in the area.

So do you have any favorites? Please feel free to start a new thread. Seems like a great topic and since you have a “penchant”, please share.



Oh good idea.

My current favorite is Sal y Pimienta, though it’s been a great while since I’ve been. I’m disappointed that Churrasco’s has kicked founder Michael Cordua out of the fold, and I’m guessing that is why it has been declining in recent years.


De Nada.

There’s Pampa’s an Argentinian place on Hammerly. I haven’t been but have my eye on the entrana skirt steak.

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