Carbonara North of Boston

I’m going to do a longer blog post about Spaghetti Carbonara because I like it. Looking for recommendations. North of Boston, please

So far, I have
Luna Rossa in Tewksbury Done
Nappi Medford M-Sat
Marco’s Peabody
Osteria Nino Burlington Dinner menu
Artichokes Restaurant 317 Main St, Wakefield, Hours?
Sabatino’s Wakefield Open Sunday at 12
The Colosseum Salem NH Lunch Sat only
Buona Bistro North Andover uses capicola Lunch Fri-Sat
Angelo’s Stoneham Not sure if they actually serve it.

Recommended on FB, but currently no carbonara on the menu
Capellini in Tewksbury
Princeton station
Andiamo Andover
Ralphie’s Salem
Semolina kitchen Medford
Tremezzo $21 comes with chicken. Not a Carbonara


A coworker swears by their pizza as one of the best locally (although he usually prefers quantity over my kind of quality), so I’ll be interested to hear what you say. I rarely, if ever, do takeout, as I have freezers full of food and love to cook for myself. But if I get a good HO reco, it would be an easy call-in order and pickup on the way home if needed.

When we went some time ago to Luna Rossa their Carbonara had some cream in it (we can, if necessary, tolerate peas, mushrooms etc. in Carbonara but cream doesn’t belong in there and should be reported to the Carbonara police for a crime) - same with the one at Semolina.
The two Carbonara we enjoyed most where at Real
Gusto in Medford (with the nice “add on” that they make their pasta in-house and Posto


Ugh. Yeah, I see this a lot in this area and the US. Carbonara is such a simple, wonderful and straightforward dish. I don’t see why places feel the need to embellish, or worse, serve something more like alfredo.

I’ll be interest to see this list, as I’ve yet to have a good carbonara in Boston.