Capital Seafood, BH

For those that don’t feel like schlepping to the SGV for dim sum (kids travel even less well than take out chinese food) but still enjoy some of the good stuff, Capital Seafood on 50 N. La Cienega might be just the ticket. They have lunch specials and all things considered it’s not uber expensive. Of course they also have the high ticket items like lobster fish crab peking duck etc etc, and a full bar.

Pretty extensive dim sum menu served until the early afternoon.


How many people can their biggest tables accommodate? Considering doing a little law school reunion.

they have some big tables there idk… a lot…they have some other rooms too… id just call em up, they take reservations. Have fun and I think you will enjoy it.

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Just a few things today for 2.

Really nice folks brought our complimentary pork belly.