Capital Doner in Dupont Circle - Report

This is one place that takes its meat seriously. They carve the meat from a vertical spit after it has been basted in butter. It is crispy and luxurious tasting.

I did not order the sub nor the wrap. They have a platter option for which they give you a LOT more meat served alongside tomato, onion, etc, all served over rice coated in yet more butter. They also give you some big triangles of lavash in case you decide to have some of it in wrap form. This is enough food for two to share.

The drawback here seems to be that the sauces are weak. Watered down. I am very pleased I didn’t have it as a traditional ‘sandwich’ so I could just revel in all that glorious meat.


What kind of meat?

I had the beef. I guess maybe there was a chicken option, but I didn’t notice because I was fixated on the beef. They let me have a sample a couple of weeks earlier, and it got me hooked.

No Chicken option. The other option is felafel. And, you had a combination of beef and lamb, not straight beef.

They also have a large selection of baklava imported from Turkey. And outdoor seating.