Cape Verdean food, Lisbon

About ten years ago, I went to a Cape Verdean place in Lisbon that had been recommended by somebody on ChowHound. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place or its location. It had the quality of a speakeasy (unmarked place, steel door, etc.). When my party knocked on the door, a young woman with young children answered and ushered us in. We were the only ones in the place, but after about an hour, musicians kept entering the place. Anyway, the food was really good. Does this place ring a bell for anybody, and, if not, could anybody recommend some good Cape Verdean restaurant (not super expensive) in Lisbon? Thanks.


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Thank you for these suggestions.!

I had a work colleague many moons ago who is married to a Cape Verdean and they loved traveling to Portugal (I believe he was raised there) and has more Hungry Onion cred than I. I’ve sent her an email but she’s notorious for not responding to emails. I’ll let you know @scungilli1.
There’s also an Onion who is Lisbon-based and has very good taste in food @plragde. I wonder if they might have some experience with Cape Verdean in Lisbon?

I don’t eat out in Lisbon as much as I thought I would, but one of my favourite local restaurants is Cabo Verdean. It is called Bistrô Crioulo, in the basement of the Cabo Verde Cultural Centre, just south of Rato. It has a nice, casual feel, with friendly service. There is a small outdoor terrace but it can get buggy if there’s been recent rain. It’s only open for lunch Tues-Sat. I can personally recommend the polvo no forno, the caril de gambas, and the cachupa de carne refogada (reheated from the day before, so thicker, with a fried egg on top). Desserts are also nice, especially the pudim de queijo. Not expensive (mains 10-15€, desserts 2-4€, glass of wine 2€). Your server may or may not speak English.


Yum–thank you!

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Double yum!!

Anyone here been to Cape Verde?
Since my fabulous 9 nights on Lanzarote, I am getting an urge for exploring other Atlantic Islands… Lanzarote=absolute dream. See this week’s NYTIMES article on that island…


Here’s a link to the NYT article. Lanzarote has been high on our list and I love that it is LGBTQ friendly.