Cape May NJ next week — Help with Restaurants

Planning a couple of days in Cape May NJ after Labor Day.

Seeking ideas for dinners, as well as for easy but tasty daytime meals to eat at the beach or by the pool — or to take a break from those and eat at the place itself.

Plus points for interesting food — or pretty views with standard (but good) food.

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Everything the Cape Resorts Group does is top shelf…The Ebbitt Room at the Virginia Hotel has a great bar and the restaurant consistently earns it’s praises…at Congress Hall it’s The Brown Room and The Blue Pig Tavern or the Pizza in The Boiler Room. All are stand outs. Mayer’s Tavern for some fried clams and other seafood staples. George’s for breakfast, Rusty Nail for lunch (another Cape Resorts spot) and make sure to hit up Exit Zero Filling Station. Fanciest BYOB in the state is the Peter Shields Inn if you’re feeling fancy, if not grab a burger at The Ugly Mug. Plenty more options…enjoy!

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Thanks @coldbeer70!

We were considering one of the Cape resorts properties to stay at but they’re closing down on Wednesday.

More interested in casual than upscale dining (get enough of that in nyc). Will go through the places you’ve suggested - thank you again.

Not sure exactly how far it is but I’ve been wanting to go to the Red Store since I first read about it years ago…

Thanks! I will take a look at location.

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Looks like Red Store is only selling product at the moment, but the same group has a taco place now:

Interesting… guess they had to pivot during the pandemic. Thx