Cape Cod 2020

We have a week in Wellfleet booked for this September, barring the second wave of C-19.
Any recent discoveries in the area? Or recommendations to share?

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Places from our 2018 trip:

Old Yarmouth Inn, Yarmouth - OK but nowhere near as good as it probably thinks it is.

Pizza Barbone , Hyannis - excellent. One of those rare places that are almost my best ever pizza - but wasnt as good as Pizzeria Bardolino on Lake Garda.

Brazilian Grill, Hyannis - second visit to this rodizio style place that I now judge others against - and nowhere comes close before or since.

Captain Frosty’s Fish & Chips. Decent lunch if in the area.

Kate’s Seafood - clam shack & ice crea, We only had ice cream. Good

Mattakeese Wharf, Barnstable - good, with any food flaws made up for by the fantastic sunset views.

Cooke’s Seafood, Mashpee - clams, crab and the like. Nice lunch

Roadhouse Cafe, Hyannis - do not waste your money on some of the most piss poor service I’ve encountered anywhere in the world.

Ocean House, Dennis Port - the meal we most enjoyed on the whole three week trip. Not necessarily the best individual dishes, but the best overall meal and enjoyable evening.


My friend is on vacation there now & he loved a 7 course meal at Ceraldi located in Wellfleet Harbor.

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Thank you, I had seen that earlier. Captain Frosty is a given for sure. The Brazilian looks interesting.
I think decisions will be based on comfort level with eating on site (preferably outside) and travel time back to the house with take out.

The sunset chill looks interesting but expensive. Do you know if they did the 7 course as a take home bag or on site?

They did it to go. It comes with a video of the chef explaining everything. Local farm to table vibe.

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I don’t know how this is going to play in the Covid era. Apart from the meat served to you at the table, everything else is effectively a buffet.

(EDIT: just checked the website. No buffet, so just order the sides. Definitely not as much fun).

Well we have always enjoyed PB Boulangerie Bistro there in Wellfleet. Not a recent discovery but a recommendation.

I have no idea how the restaurants are handling things with Covid and all. We’ll be spending August on the Cape and feel similarly - happy to do take out, we’ll see about dining in (even outdoors) depending on how each place is handling things.


Thanks for the recommendation, we had seen PB on the map and wondered about it. We are close to the Beachcomber and may give that a try. We’ve enjoyed Pearls on the dock and hoping to revisit them as well. Let us know how your week goes?

@retrospek might be able to provide real-time intel.

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We live in Eastham. We’re cautious about going out to eat in these times. Also must add that at our age, we go to lunch not dinner. Sooo…Bookstore restaurant in Wellfleet is one of our faves. We also love Pearl at the harbor but so far they only seem to be open for dinner and no live music. If you want a great lobster roll or scallop roll or fisherman’s platter go to the Friendly Fisherman on Rte. 6 in Eastham. It’s a classic clam shack with outdoor picnic tables. You can ask for empty cups. BYOB. There’s a package store next door.


The Bookstore looks like a nice lunch spot (which we do more often than not too). Have eaten at the FF a couple of times, thanks for the reminder.

For non-Mass residents: a package store aka ‘packy’ is a liquor store.


Ok all, I’m going to step in here as a totally unbiased East Coast counselor!
Haven’t spent enough time on the other coast to even matter, but have two cancelled trips to Boston, Gloucester, Ipswich cancelled just this summer/fall.

I’m sure it’s all perfectly lovely, with each town having it’s own particular charm. Hope fate gives me another chance to visit!!

That said, as a West Coast person, there are places I avoid like the plague (Covid lol) during high season, sometimes year round. These include but are not limited to Sedona Az, Lake Tahoe, (South Shore), anywhere on coastal highways in SoCal on weekends, and god forbid, never fly into LAX if you can help it, especially on Friday afternoons. Feel free to PM me if you need further travel advice. Have favorite airports, etc that will save much travel time in snarled up traffic.

Peace! :v:t2:

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It has been a few years since I’ve been, but my favorite lobster rolls were always from Sir Cricket’s in Orleans:

We kicked around the idea of renting a house up there a few months ago. Hope you enjoy a low key vacation.

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Moderators Hat On

People I’ve done a little “house keeping” on this thread following a post being flagged. Let’s keep this civil without any need for personal attacks of any kind. Remember it’s ok not to agree, it’s not ok to not agree and start insulting others with a differing opinion to your own.

If we don’t agree just move on please, no personal attacks.

Thank you.


I’ll always stan for Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet. Raw bar, sushi…there are a few of my favorite things. All served in a nice outdoor setting conducive to the miserable circumstances of this summer.

Mud slinging aside. If I am staying on the outer cape, I’d rather open a vein than deal with the drive back beyond the elbow. If visiting friends in the area or transiting via the airport or ferry, than, yeah a stop at Pain D’Avignon is a no brainer.


Thank you to everyone that provided constructive insight. I will report back on our trip late September in a a new posting.
Harters I- have always enjoyed your commentary and I hope you continue to be part of the HO community.
I would ask the moderators to please close comments on this topic if possible.


I thought I left those at CH.


Thanks. I’ve no plans to be going anywhere else anytime soon. The moderators have done a tidy up of the thread which leaves it, hopefully, in a healthy condition and a helpful aid to your holiday. We’ve always enjoyed our trips to New England but I think it will be some time before transatlantic flights appeal again.