Cape Charles VA

Hi all, NJ Ho here. Just wondering if anyone in the DC area board has any recs for the Cape Charles/Eastern Shore area in general?

I haven’t eaten there, but I’ve heard that the Oyster Farm and the Shanty are good, and there’s a Sunset resort that’s a good place to have a drink at … sunset.

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Now if you’re interested in the Western Shore …

Ty!! I’ve read a bit about both but don’t really trust yelp. So it nice to hear anyone have something nice to say about either!

I also heard that the island House in Washapreague is good.

Ty again Also heard mallards on the bay in onancock was nice. Any chance you’ve got any info there? Lol.

My contact thought that was one of the good ones. He was uncertain, though.

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I’ll be very interested in your report.

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Ty. Looking forward to the trip and trying lots of fresh fish. Looks like a wonderful place

As post report,
Oyster house was pretty good, view beats thd food. By far the best spot we ate was deadrise pizza. Crust similar to good ny/nj pizza. Wasn’t expecting that on our trip.
Cape Charles brewery was good, rockfish was good and burger was really good. Nice selection of beers they put out too.
Both bakeries, coastal and on main were very good for baked goods. Coastal bakery had great lunch items. Disappointed we did not get to try bakery on main for lunch as it looked really good too.

Next time will make trip to island house, as I heard good things, but a bit far.

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