Cape Ann Eats

Work travel can be a drag, but a long plane ride is letting me catch up on recent eats. We have been fortunate to spend some time on the better cape recently and enjoyed some great foofd while there.

Choate Bridge Pub is a family favorite. It’s a nice atmosphere with a down to earth feel. There are a few tables on the bar side which we prefer. Their menu is a good mix of pub fare. The bar pizzas are very good, as are their steak tips. The fish chowder is some of the best around, and the lobster roll is pretty good too. It’s our go to after a day at the beach with the dogs.

Woodmans is always fun. Their lobster roll is excellent, and their boiled lobsters are as lively as you can get. They generally can avoid overcooking their lobsters which is much appreciated. I am not a huge fan of the fried seafood but theirs is good when it is fresh. You sort of need to order the high turnover items like the clams. They must precook some of the fried stuff, so it is ready to go at rush time. We got some room temp shrimp that had clearly been sitting under a heat lamp, blerg. The onion rings are always great. I think a lot of the north clam shacks are on par with each other and hit or miss. However, Woodman’s separates itself with their lobster.

I wish we had Down River Ice Cream in the city. Their flavor combos are right up my alley. Among those sampled on our most recent visit were White River Junction (chocolate covered pretzels and caramel in vanilla ice cream); Kung Fu Grasshopper (mint ice cream with whole oreos); A River Runs Through It (chocolate ice cream with caramel). Don’t worry their menu has descriptions of all the flavors. Their bases are nice and creamy so it’s not just all about the combos.


Love Choate Bridge Pub and Woodmans. I always say that in my dream world of fried food, it would be effortless to enjoy Woodman’s onion rings alongside Farnham’s fried clams.


You have dream worlds of differently prepared foods?
Fried, I see. Also boiled, braised, steamed, baked, roasted, toasted… ?
You have an interesting imagination.


We usually drive from Waltham to Essex a few times a summer just for Down River. Rich, creamy and delicious.


Am I flying solo on this? :wink:


I’m right on the fantasy journey with you, Denise!