Cantonese Cookery in Houston

As if Houston’s Chinatown weren’t already world class:

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Huh, surprised at its location in Houston. I wonder if they’ll have a little restaurant at lower prices like the CIA or other cooking schools.

That would be great! It appears the teaching will be via internet, but I guess there is a physical location for the students to attend.

Why’s that?

Beijing is playing catch up to Bangkok:

I just don’t associate cooking schools with being in Houston. More like NYC or Napa.

Is there a big Cantonese population in Houston?

I don’t know abut specifically Cantonese, but we have a large Asian immigration, which I assume includes many Cantonese. Our Chinatown is sure large and has hundreds of restaurants and food outlets.

By demographics, Houston is technically in the top 20.

But if we’re going with wiki:

Looks like a higher % of Hokkien is spoken in Texas. So no idea.

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