Cantina da Tino - Ruesselsheim (Germany)

Our last quick restaurant visit in Germany before flying back to SFO was at Cantina da Tino in Ruesselsheim (close to Frankfurt and most “famous” for the production of Opel cars). Due to the high immigration rate of Italians to Germany 40-50 years ago one easily finds excellent Italian restaurants everywhere, like this one in the middle of a non descriptive residential area - house-made pasta, freshly baked bread, quality ingredients

Calamaretti alla Griglia su Insalata - grilled baby calamari on mixed salad

Crocchette di Carne - fried meatballs with tomato sauce and pesto

Orecchiette con Salsiccia e Friarielli - pasta with wild broccoli, italian sausage, cherry tomatoes and garlic

Bistecca di Vitello con Finferli - veal steak with chanterelles, vegetables and potatoes

Rotoli di Sogliola, ripieni di gamberetti - roulade of sole filet filled with shrimps, vegetables and potatoes


What’s in the middle?

It looks like tripe …

Parm crisp?

Yep - parmesan crisp