Can't see other people's likes

Has it always been like this? I can see who liked my post, but I can’t see who liked any other person’s post. I don’t know that I’ve tried this before, so I don’t know if it’s a design or just my computer acting up today.

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It’s your computer. This is me, seeing who liked jcostiones’ post.

In the past, the others’ likes were red, now that remain grey. Interface change with the last update.

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NAF what is the significance of the color change? Does this mean that with the latest update people can’t see other people’s likes - or is it a problem on my end?

I can see other people’s likes by clicking on the number next to the utensils.


Looks like it a local problem at your end. Can you do a screen capture to show what you’re seeing?

It went away on it’s own :slight_smile:

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