Can't "like" posts, just me?

I find myself unable to “like” posts at all. Is this is a known issue? Just me? Or… ?

I hadn’t logged in here for a while until yesterday (or maybe the day before), and wondered if maybe that was the reason, but I still can’t today… Hardly the end of the world, but it does seem a little weird…


No clue, but I liked your post to find out.

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No problem for me to like. I guess maybe try to relog, or restart your computer.

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Are you trying to click on the number or the fork and spoon icon? Clicking on the number shows who has liked, clicking on the fork and spoon “likes” the post. (Even though when you roll over that area it highlights both the number and fork/spoon)

I know that may seem obvious but figured it was worth saying just in case . . . . .

Is the knife-fork icon black or greyed out? Or completely gone?

Check your ad blockers. If it’s indeed an adblocker that blocks some functions you might need to go through your “user filters” to find exactly what it has blocked.

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and I liked your post just to find out!

Maybe now, instead of liking subtlety a post, you need to actually say it loud. :laughing:


The icon Is there, it even turns pink when I mouse-over it and click on it, it just doesn’t “stick” and add a like… And my adblocker is turned off completely here and the only script I have blocked on the page is google-analytics (which I never unblock - and won’t, except possibly at the personal request of a Major Deity who makes his/her/its wishes known to me personally :wink: - and which never causes any trouble… )

Aha! I just discovered that a new tracker-blocking add-on I’ve been experimenting with (Canvas Defender) was getting in the way. Not sure how, exactly, but I can live without using that here, so… problem solved!:smiley:

Which I guess all boils down to “it’s just me”:grin: Ah, well, I guess I’ll just let it go and see if it ever changes back…


Well, I’m not usually shy about commenting if I have anything more to say than “hey, cool post!” and that seems like a waste good pixels, but… maybe so.:wink:

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