Canola oil, some science

I’ve always hated the stuff but maybe this might slow down its popularity.

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Although cold pressed rapeseed (as we call it in the UK) is “the” oil product to buy for an increasing number of people (like me) who want to buy local but also want a similar cachet to that of extra virgin olive oil.

Colza oil is a kind of rapeseed oil? I don’t use it a lot due to its particular odour - some rancid walnuts.

I use at times grapeseed oil when I need to fry things for its high smoke point. Looks like it isn’t a particular healthy oil either. I like sesame oil, but it’s more for dipping or finishing oil.

General cooking oil at home is olive oil (extra virgin). Since a few months, I consume a lot of butter and I feel good.

The report compares beneficial changes in mice fed diets supplemented with olive oil to negative changes in those given the equivalent of two tablespoons of canola oil daily. I went back to look at the olive oil report, which doesn’t mention the quantity of oil fed to the mice but giving a mouse the equivalent of its own weight in oil per day sounds my bullcrap klaxon! It might be revelatory to learn who funded this study, because it appears its purpose was to engineer some data damaging to canola’s market share. I’m not partial to canola, but I smell something rancid in this study!

They probably just want to speed up and exaggerated the process. Afterall, mouse do not live as long as human. That being said, there are plenty “bad” foods that people consume all the time in larger quality. Hey, WHO has already deemed red meat and processed meat as potentially carcinogenic and carcinogenic.

I am not a big fan of canola oil, but… there are more dangerous food than canola oil.

" One group was fed a normal diet, while the other was fed a diet supplemented with the equivalent of about two tablespoons of canola oil daily."

The equivalent of two Tbsp. Not two Tbsp per day per mouse.

I don’t eat it. It’s genetically engineered & produced in an industrial process using some nasty solvents. Like Hexane. Not surprising it causes brain damage.

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