Canned coconut milk in your area - hard to find?

Well, the best “real” milk is made with dried coconut & water, & not canned. It’s ok in a pinch- it’s in my pandemic survival pantry. Evidently, you can make coconut “cream” with it by not diluting it as much. Reviewers seem to like it - I think the product is made in Malaysia.


I’ve actually made it with fresh coconut and water… but it is laborious and fresh coconuts up here are expensive. So was just wondering how good your powdered stuff is.

For Chi-Chi’s and Pina Coladas, my favorite coconut was a powdered “coconut snow” that had dried coconut and milk solids (it was actually quite a bit better than the canned stuff). Unfortunately it is no longer.

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It works … I’m using it in bastardized recipes anyway, so close enough. I’ve only dealt with a real coconut once. Used to watch my grandmother obliterate them for coconut cake!


I keep Grace brand powdered coconut milk around for situations where I only need a little coconut milk for a recipe so I can reconstitute just what I need and the powder stores more easily in the fridge that the remains of a can (or take up freezer space). I have also used it as coconut cream. However, it’s not a product to use if you are trying to fry in the cream as part of a recipe. Usually I keep some cans in the pantry though.


Not sure where it’s actually made, but Grace is based in Kingston, Jamaica


No scarcities observed in the Puget Sound area, that I’ve noticed, at least not yet. My preferred brand, Chaokoh isn’t in at least some of the mainstream grocers, due to the controversy. Probably could be found in some of the other markets around, but not sure.


What controversy?

This was my favored brand, but if the allegations are true, I can see why retailers are no longer carrying.


Based in Jamaica, product of Malaysia.


What @CCE linked to. That brand was suggested to me by a Thai woman at work - in fact when I left, she was so sweet to give me a care package of Thai ingredients, including Chaokoh coconut milk. She also gave me a bag of a type of snack that was addicting, but I could never find in the Asian markets around here.

Where do you buy this? I have looked online for coconut milk powder and it seems more than an order of magnitude more expensive than canned coconut milk (or even buying fresh coconuts to make your own). Like $4-5 of powder for a cup of milk.

Amazon. It wasn’t expensive this time (I bought 6 packets, not the big can). Last time I bought 12 packets. It was a few years ago and I think the 12 packets cost about $12 then.