Canino's property to be sold

This from the Chronicle:

At first I feared the worst, closure, but they’re going to expand it and make it into a tourist attraction which is not a good thing. Triple A restaurant is part of the property and that explains the loss of lease.

I hope they don’t screw it up like Fertitta did to the Kemah Boardwalk.

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Well at least it wasn’t Landry’s Inc (or Treadsack) that bought it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the new owners are like either of those operators or more responsible.


Horrible this news is.

It’s a frequent hajj destination for me. I love the stands in the back for fresh and dried peppers, good Mexican garlic, etc.

Whatever it becomes, it won’t be the same and I just hate that.


Those stands have the best avacados in town, fat, creamy ones from Mexico. Good taco trucks too.

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That’s no good. WHen you pass by the fruit it smells like that fruit. I will miss the delish taco trucks in the back. Very sad…


David Leftwich’s take


I appreciated the history lesson. I had heard of the truck farming in that area and the downtown farmers market. I didn’t realize the latter had still been around in the 50s or that what we know as Canino’s only goes back that far.

Tacambero ----- mollejas. YES!

Lamy that was a great article thanks for sharing.

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Here’s the latest.

It appears they’re making it another touristy destination.

Very ambitious plans. I’d say overly so but I don’t move in those circles so maybe I’m wrong.

In true Houston fashion rather than building on what works they’re going to tear everything down and start over with their brilliant (or so they think) plan. Bye-bye Triple A and what else? Can Canino’s or the little stalls in the back survive a 10% rent increase? I’ve always heard margins in anything grocery related are very thin.

If they’re thinking tourist destination they’re fooling themselves. Houston is not a tourist destination, period. If it becomes a foodie destination, I think I’ll be okay with it. A cross between Phoenicia, CM, Hong Kong City Mall, Discovery Green and the old Westbury Square, all food related??? Beautifully landscaped and with ample parking, of course. I may get a condo in the neighborhood.

“Ladies would be lined up in the morning to get their fresh breads to make their husbands sandwiches before work,” Michaelis said. - I loved this (from the owner of El Bolillo). Going out to get fresh bread for sandwiches in the morning! I didn’t realize El Bolillo had only been there 2 decades. I didn’t remember it from back in the 70s or so when I first heard of Canino’s but I figured I just didn’t know the people in the know back then.


Loyal shoppers bid farewell to Canino’s.

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