Candies you loved and disliked when you trick or treated ?


Not sure if it’s the same thing, but did those toffees come in black/orange wax paper with a peanut butter center? If so, I hated those too. I also disliked Pixie Stix. Seemed like a way of getting rid of Sweet Tart rejects.

Also disliked getting gum. I would get Dubble Bubble a lot. Bazooka gum I would tolerate due to the comic. Lollipops were also real duds. Dum Dums, no thanks.


love smarties to this day.

hated mary janes, candy corn and circus peanuts. not a huge fan of charleston chews.

one set of neighbors were raging alcoholics and every year seemed to have forgotten it was halloween so they gave us each a $5 check!

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My family was into healthy snacks rather than sweets at home, and at my father’s funeral my cousin talked about how when their family came to visit and he would ask for a snack, he would get a little box of raisins.

My parents were also Depression-era folks, and they would refill the small boxes from a larger container. After a while, the boxes looked a little beat-up… :smile:

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They did come in a black/orange wax paper but not sure about the peanut butter center. I don’t know that I was ever able to keep it in my mouth long enough to find out, lol!

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This is what I was thinking of:

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Reese’s PB cups from trick or treating when the chocolate part tasted great. Years later I would eat them frozen. Today they taste like wax paper.

Mom made:
Candied apples
Caramel popcorn balls
Devils food cake

We still love to decorate for Halloween. Our rock n roll Halloween theme takes a week to pull off. My brothers place in PA sets the mood.

Happy Halloween🎃


Your Mom and mine must have known each other!


My mom gave us pillow cases too, ha!


I liked…

Peanut chews
Jolly ranchers

Didn’t like…
almond joy
Milky way
Necco wafers
Milk duds
Mike and ike
Any black liquorice

I didn’t like skittles back when I was a kid too much, but I like them now (though rarely eat them…just find them in our snack area at work sometimes and grab a few)

Did anyone ever give you a few pennies? Lol. Sigh


It looks like the packaging has been updated within the past several years … last time I was there the the wrapper was the classic foil chunky


I hated most American chocolate. My mother would get care packages from England of Cadbury chocolate and Nestles/Hersheys tasted imitation in comparison. Besides the care packages we never had much candy in the house, so Halloween was great. Pillowcases of course, and drop off at home when full and too heavy to carry. Usually ended up with 2-3 full pillow cases and made the candy last until if got stale just before easter.

Some of my favs were smarties, candy necklaces, sixlets, malt balls, circus peanuts (still love them), dum dums, charms sour pops, watermelon or green apple blow pops, atomic fireballs (still love these too), bottle caps especially root beer and cola, zagnut, clarke bar, butterfingers, wax pop bottles, some gum like beemans, black jack, wintergreen or spearmints, soft peppermints, some hard candies like root beer and horehound, those banana bat taffy pops, bit-o-honey, original twizzlers (another I still like), reeses peanut butter cups, original chunky occasionally, C.Howards violet gum and candies, red hots, tootsie pops, kit kats, lifesavers- (tropical fruit, tangerine, wintergreen), payday bars, sugar babies, bubble gum cigars, jolly ranchers, junior mints, lik em aid dip, peanut m&m’s, hot tamales, pez, pixie sticks, swedish fish, broadway rolls, razzles, sweetarts, wacky wafers, whistle pops…

Dislikes were most chocolate bars, candy corn, chuckles, raisins, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, goobers, jujubes and dots, sno caps and mounds and almond joy- (hate, hate, hate), wax lips, boston baked beans, candy buttons, necco wafers, mallo cups, pecan logs, most bubble gum, American style black licorice, candy fruit slices.


Loved: Reese’s, Kit-Kats, Twix
Disliked: Smarties, Necco wafers


candy corn
Mars Bars
Most peanut-flavored things like Abba Zabba
Most banana flavored things like Bonomo taffy

Fun to get and play with but not good to eat:
Wax lips etc.
Candy necklace (tasted OK at first, then after you’d finish the first ten beads or so it all tasted like banana)

most everything else. I always scored a lot of black licorice whips and ropes because so many other kids disliked them and would give them away.


There was an elderly lady who would give us those Mary Jane candies. Ugh. And very similar to those, there was a trend to have these unlabeled candies that would be in a generic black/orange wrapper - , they would be like those Mary Jane’s or awful weird minty candies. Who were those monsters that made those unlabeled disgusting candies??

I pretty much loved everything else. I do have a soft spot for Smarties and chocolate Tootsie pops.


+1 for tootsie pops and smarties! Good stuff


I just found out those awful orange and black was paper candies and Mary Janes were made by Necco, my now defunct home town candy maker. It reminds me of this article, which always gave me a good laugh (and a hearty nod in agreement) :rofl:


Our neighborhood just wasn’t that big, and it’s rather suburban so we certainly had plenty of candy but not a bizarre excess.
Loved: reeses cups, (i swear they didn’t used to suck so bad), tootsie rolls- only chocolate, not those weird flavors, kit kats, mounds, almond joy, anything gummy candy, junior mints, raisinettes (i know! Maybe i was the only kid who liked those)
Mom would take the peanut mnms which I didn’t mind, not passionate about those either way.
Babe ruth bars, snickers, milky way, sugar daddys, milk duds, black licorice, generic chocolates.

After dad pulled out a filling with a sugar daddy candy two years in a row- not kidding!- all the sugar daddys and milk duds went directly to “take to work” bag along with other reject candies.


Hey, Neccos are good! except the licorice flavored ones. Real licorice is great, but licorice flavor usually isn’t (see: peanuts and bananas and grapes).


Those were at the bottom of my list with smarties. It has been 50 yrs and I still can’t do it .