Can you tell a Trump voter from a Biden voter by the contents of his or her fridge?

I was TERRIBLE at this. 41% correct.


How many questions are there? I’m doing that, it runs on forever.

100% American fridge, milk bottles are XL.

I bailed after like 30. It’s endless. But it gave me a chance to reflect on my preconceptions.

Interesting how certain HO’s are allowed to get away with political nonsense like this so close to an election. On this forum of all places. Interesting indeed…

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Did you see the article? It is hardly inflammatory. And if everyone plays nicely (and here I could say something inflammatory) it shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. About politics =/= political.

  2. How’d you do on the quiz?


I didn’t take the quiz. The title of this thread was enough to turn me off.

I agree with @Miss_belle. Even if the article is not inflammatory, the thread title should be enough to get this thread removed.


But why? Do you see the title as having a political slant, and if so, what about the wording makes you feel that way? (It’s also just a very slightly altered version of the title of the linked article.)


FWIW, I can’t take the quiz because of the paywall, however I think this could be a “fun” and perhaps eye opening experiment to take.

If you have the interest take the quiz (as long as the paywall doesn’t prevent you as it does me) and play along. There is NO reason to inject personal politics into this or to try and sway the topic away from how you and your gut instincts do.

Let’s try to prove that the common interest in food that unites us ALL is greater / stronger than any potential political differences that could divide us.

Enjoy and play nice my friends.


I started the quiz, but bailed after 20+ questions. I wanted to see if there was some sort of bias (i.e., all Trump fridges are full of soda while all Biden’s were full of organic veggies) but I didn’t detect any. My guess is none of these pictures came from HO members, as they were fairly messy and din’t make me think “oooh I’d like to taste that.”

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I took a quiz similar to this on another site but it was based on underwear drawers. All I can say is I was surprised by how many Biden supporters prefer banana hammocks and thongs!!! (you kinksters you!!)

I got pretty judge-y, let me tell you. But I could not find a pattern, either.


Not having a slant doesn’t make is less political. Political does sort of mean about politics. Even if the quiz is fun, the title feels like click bait relying on political tension, especially so due to the proximity of the election. You literally have the two primary presidential candidates – Trump and Biden – in the title. Honestly, I was surprised to read this title on Hungry Onion. As an apolitical person, I come here to get away from all of that noise.

Thanks for your reply. I do agree that the quiz is clickbait, but so are ALL quizzes, really. And rather than “relying on political tension,” I see the quiz as a way to defuse it, by letting us (or me, anyway) see that it’s impossible to discern someone’s politics by looking at the inside of a fridge. A post is not “political” just because it includes the names of two candidates for office.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t see it that way. While I have no trouble endlessly debating other topics where I know opposing sides will never agree – electric vs gas vehicles, nintendo vs sega – this is about as far as I can go for a topic even mildly related to politics.

I actually tried again and went through 137 (!) pixs with 55%correct. This isn’t a quiz . . . it’s water torture with no rhyme or reason and no end in sight.

You’re stronger than I am.

How great would it be if you got the end and it said: “Gotcha these were all Sanders supporters fridges”.