Can we link to Hungry Onion?

I’m about to do a thorough post, full of photos, about my recent trip to New Orleans. Can I link this to another website so that others, not registered to Hungry Onion can view the post? Thanks.

Anyone can read posts on HO even if not registered here as a member, I believe, so linking on other sites shouldn’t be an issue. And I’m tagging @linguafood as she’s heading to NOLA tomorrow, I believe!


I don’t see why not. You can link to other sites from HO posts, so if you want to link to HO from another site you should be able to (as long as the other site allows links).


Thanks Linda! I want to post a link to my NOLA food report on HO to my trip report on TripAdvisor and also on a New Orleans Facebook page.

Quick synopsis for @linguafood

Dinner at Saint John, 1117 Decatur Street, was wonderful. Three words - Smothered Turkey Necks! Also loved the gumbo and short ribs (daube). We sat at the Chef’s Table (long bar in front of the kitchen, highly recommend. Lots of customers ordered gorgeous trout (seafood allergy so unfortunately I didn’t). Tell Chef Kent the old Connecticut couple who celebrated their anniversary there this past Sunday sent you, he’ll treat you very right.

Delicious dish: Jambalaya with Blackened Chicken at Royal House, 441 Royal Street.

Jazz Brunch at Commander’s Palace was more fun than I expected and a bargain to boot (in my opinion) for three courses.

Don’t wait in line for beignets at Cafe du Monde. Walk to the nearby French Market, and near the entrance is Loretta’s. They make them to order in seven minutes and they arrive piping hot and delicious. Believe Lotretta’s won an award for best beignets… or something like that.

I’ll write a full trip report on the proper board tonight.


Oooooooh! Waiting with bated breath :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention :kissing_heart:


Absolutely. Everyone should link to Hungry Onion often so we get more exposure and attract more newbies.